Poor Quack

Quack Token Poor Quack - Get from POOR to Rich with Poor Quack! Take from the rich and give to the poor! Let's quack our way to $1B market cap! What is Poor Quack A meme project with use cases and a real roadmap! Poor Quack is a real project and not just a meme, Donald will be very busy building his way to becoming RICH! Poor Quack will follow Donalds journey from being poor to becoming rich! Become RICH with him! With a 14% tax on each transaction Poor Quack is able to get rich and make it's holders and loyal followers rich too. Poor Quack Tokenomics Poor Quack has a 14% tax which is designed to send Donald to the moon and take you with him. Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) Mega Pump: Buy backs & Burns Auto Liquidity: Funds are added to the liquidity pool automatically Buybacks: Buybacks are made and tokens are added to the staking wallets for more rewards Marketing: For continued marketing across all networks

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